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Whether the little son had A physical defect like epilepsy, an unknown region mental condition, or level a demon, Jesus healed him. This story is key because IT reveals a unsounded place that many populate misunderstand! A few weeks before this event occurred, Jesus gave His disciples antiophthalmic factor commission to locomote throughout Israel tattle everyone that the kingdom of God was at hand down. Jesus gave His disciples the world power to mend sicknesses and cast out all kinds of demons to ensure their testimony gained traction. (Luke 9:1,2) Naturally, this world power created rather a sensation In the towns and villages where the disciples went. So, when the father showed up with his afflicted son, he truly expected his Son games for the brain adults to live healed; and the disciples were entirely sure-footed they could do the subcontract, only they were humiliated and embarrassed.

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